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Which is the easiest engineering profession do you think?

I want to be an engineer but I am pretty stupid, I have passion and drive to learn though but I am not born smart I have to work/study hard to learn something.

I am thinking of learning electrical engineering since it seems to be the easiest to me for some reason.

Fields of engineering include: Software engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Electronics engineering, Mechanical engineering

That is all I can think of right now so yeah which one is easiest to learn and study for and become. If you can please list in order from easiest to hardest.

Thank you in advance :)

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    I think mary's answer is unduly pessimistic. Most (non power) electrical engineering is not about safety. The guy who designs an iphone has no safety issues except relating to the battery. And the usual process in a company is design reviews where designs are checked by others.

    Since you are interested in electronics, I'd go for a degree in that field.

    And the math is also overrated. I have 30 years of experience as an electronics engineer and rarely used any math more complicated than algebra.

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    Go to your local Library and ask about the Vocational Aptitude Test. It should be in the reference section. Take the VAT to find out what is your strongest field. This is where you should concentrate on getting your Degree. After you get a degree you can slide sideways into any other field by taking other classes while working to finance it. I know someone who became an MD by financing her education as a Lawyer. She financed the law school as an accountant.

    It can be done. It takes time, commitment and sacrifice to do it.

    I took the VAT in HS and became a BEE as an Auto Mechanic after 4 in the USAF. I slid sideways into Fiber Optics and Computer Programming.

    After your Degree you will always be Continuously Educating.

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    The hard part of engineering is mathematics. If you do not like mathematics or are weak in mathematics or have no interest in mathematics, mathematical modelling, numerical analysis then do not enter engineering.

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    I'd hate to trust my health and safety to a not-very-competent electrical engineer. I once heard of an EE professor who told his classes, "The only acceptable grade in here is an "A". If you have not mastered the material perfectly, you'll be a danger to yourself and to everyone who comes into contact with a system you've designed or installed."

    My advice: Since this concept applies to many fields of engineering, expand your search until you find a type of engineering that involves few hazards to yourself or your clients.

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    Learn to drive a train.

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