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Is it ok for a man to move into a women house?

Ok so me and my boyfriend recently broke up. One main reason was him not wanting to move into my house after we got engaged. I wanted this because it is paid for so we wouldn’t have to rent or pay a mortgage so all the “extra money could go to trips a nice weddings/honeymoon and just being able to live comfortably financially. He didn’t like that my family lives close so he never felt alone with me even though when I get home people for the most part call before they visit. Also my niece and nephew (not the their mom) live with me and he felt as if it couldn’t be his home because someone else’s kids live there. I will not throw them out since their mom can barley take care of herself and I don’t want them in the streets. He stated that even if this wasn’t the case he wouldn’t want to move into here because he felt as if there was no room for him. I tried to explain that if he did move in we could decide what stayed of mine and what went as well as what stayed of his and what went to truly have both of our things together. Even if that meant starting from scratch and choosing everything together. I truly want this to be my forever home, as well as it being paid my grandfather built this house and the history of my family is here. I want to share that. Do you think a guy will ever move in with me or am I doomed to have a home and no partner to share it with?

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    Its okay...but only if you both agree, which you don't. You want this to be your forever house, you say...he doesn't. Its not that its a woman's house, its that you come with so much baggage. You have live- ins and relatives that he's not comfortable with , having them live so close that they are free to drop in frequently, etc. If you aren't willing to compromise, move elsewhere, without the kids, then perhaps this won't be the time/place/person to marry. That's what it looks like to me...your baggage, while not bad things, are deal breakers for him and rightly so.

  • Pearl
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    12 months ago

    i dont see anything wrong with it

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    Are your nephew and niece adults? Most people would be hesitant about moving into their fiancee's home when having minors also living there, a ready-made family, so to speak, plus huge responsibilities and liabilities. 👦👧

    I don't blame your fiancee either for not wanting to share a home with 2 other people also living there. What if he wants to relax just wearing boxers/underwear, etc. 🛀 Or like most people, he wants some privacy, or alone time with you?

    Other than that huge issue, if it were just the 2 of you, I see no reason for him not to want to move in a home already owned, saving tons of money, plus the hassle and wait of shopping and buying a home.

    Once you're free of having your niece and nephew living there, and you meet another prospective fiancee, I'm sure he'll jump at the chance to move into a home free and clear. Good luck 😊

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    Are you going to take care of your niece and nephew forever? When is the cut off deadline?

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    A guy will move in, you've just gotta find a guy willing to move in to complicated circumstances. Taking care of someone else's kids is a big thing for someone not blood related. Them also not being your kids is a big step for some people. Someone will accept it and everything. It's just not that guy.

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