IB Theatre: What conventions can be used for English Renaissance Theatre? (research presentation)?

I chose English Renaissance Theatre and was planning on using soliloquy as my convention, but my teacher said I cannot use that because it s a literary convention, not a performance convention. Please help! I ve been researching forever and I can t find any usable conventions!


IB Theatre: What conventions can be used for English Renaissance Theatre? (research presentation)

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    One obvious performance convention of the time is the use of boy actors to play women. There were major developments in staging and theatre in this period. Prior to the Elizabethan era there were no permanent theatres. Travelling players performed on platform stages, typically with the audience on three sides. The early theatres (including the famous and now reconstructed Globe) were open with a thrust stage with audience on three sides. There was a back wall with gallery for actors and musicians. The prominence of music and need for actors to dance and sing might be another convention, linking also to the convention of the fool. Scenery was not in use at that time. Actors wore cast off robes of wealthy patrons augmented with signifiers such as breastplates or turbans to mark their role. The proscenium arch, along with painted backdrops and wings was introduced from Italy by Inigo Jones in the early 1600s for Court Masques, which were lavish performances with song and dance.

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    Try phantom of the opera

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