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Concerned About Chest Pain?

So everything online says , "don't wait with chest pain, call 911 immediately." However, I don't want to pay out of pocket for something if it's not that serious. Here's what I've been feeling.

I have a pain right below my chest (like right under rib cage) That will come and go. Sometimes the pain is sharp (but not severe) and sometimes it's just a dull feeling. However, the pain has rotated around my chest (like gone to upper left and right and I've even felt soreness in my arm).

I have called the doctor but he doesn't think it's anything with my heart strangely. I've been on daily aspirin, amlodipine (bp med), and omeprozal (antacid) for days now but this pain hasn't gone away for 4 days. It's not getting worse, but not getting better. Should I go to get it checked out immediately or should it go away on its own?

p.s. please no (just see your doctor) answers. I am aware i need to see one which is why I called, just looking for friendly suggestions.

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    well if your doctor says its nothing to worry about then don't worry...

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