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How do we put an end to hegemony of Israeli lobby in America (AIPAC)?

UN condemns what Israel is doing. Even most of the democrats (especially millennial and Gen Z) do not support Israeli activities. But Israel is getting away with it because of AIPAC buying all establishment democrats and GOP politicians in congress.

Boycotting is also considered to be antisemitic. Boycotting is how we put an end to apartheid in South Africa. But it is not possible with Israel because you get accused of antisemitism and lose your career.

Israel has the full impunity to do whatever it wants despite UN and rest of the world condemning it.

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    Exposure on the bills they push through congress. Lots of AIPAC backed bills going through Congress you never even heard about. Bills the congressional members never even read before voting on it. Take their attempt to push a bill making it a criminal offense punishable by jail time to publicly state you are boycotting Israeli products for example. That nearly passed with bipartisan support until the ACLU exposed it and publicizedthe details of the bill

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    false premise; keeping their way of life safe from muslim terrorists is now hegemony, according to liberal logic, all heil liberal logic

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