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Do fascist governments just spend on military and not the people living in the country?

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    Fascist governments believe that war is the health of the state. They also have government control of the economy and are one-party states. There is no freedom of the press. The media is controlled (for example, if we had a fascist government, there would be no CNN or MSNBC). There is no democracy. Everyone is expected to serve the government.

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  • wowser
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    11 months ago

    yes kinda like Donald Trump

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  • 11 months ago

    This is a common misconception. People often mistake 'fascist' for 'authoritarian' or 'totalitarian'. These words have overlap, but are NOT the same.

    Fascism is a system that borrow a centrally planned economy and omnipotent state from socialism while retaining private property and the nationalism from standard democratic-capitalism. The private property of course is largely illusory because when an omnipotent state tells a factory owner to make helmets instead of pots and pans, and tells them to use slave labor and what to charge and how many to make...the factory owner's deed largely becomes a meaningless piece of paper. The cherry on top of fascism is that it wrapped the whole thing up with a 'national hero' leader figure. The idea was to create an almost cult-like personality figure (Hitler, Mussolini, etc).

    This in practice leads to totalitarian states. But fascism isn't JUST about the totalitarianism. It's got an economic and nationalist viewpoint.

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