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Canadian Liquor vs US liquor: which is stronger and by how much?

If you compare a 26er from both countries, what is the difference between the two, as far as how many standard drinks in a 26er for each country?


Hernando... Everybody knows that Canadian booze is much stronger... I just want to know the difference between both countries 26ers... If you don't have a clue, don't answer questions...

Update 2:

Well, every single Canadian here that I spoke with will confirm to me that U.S beer is watered down!!! Everybody here knows that!!!

American people don't know that yet... I KNOW that your beer is definitely a lot less stronger than Canadian beer!!! Our 5% beer = your 7% beer... Everybody that I spoke with here in Canada will tell you that your beer is garbage..

I am just wondering about liquor difference...

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    Liquor is the same alcohol percentage in both countries. 40% or 80 proof for most liquors. You can get a few in each country that are 'overproof' but a bottle of rum or tequila or vodka has the same alcohol content in both countries. When you say that everyone knows that Canadian booze is stronger, you're wrong and so is everyone who thinks they know that. Canadian standard beer has slightly more alcohol than standard US beer, though you can get stronger or weaker beer in both countries.

    Since I suspect you won't believe me when I say most liquor has the same alcohol content in both countries, feel free to verify that by going to Canadian liquor store websites and checking the alcohol content of various liquors. LCBO is one of them.

    The Code of Federal Regulations in the US requires alcohol content of spirits to be on the label, expressed in ABV.

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      40% vodka in Canada is stronger than 40% vodka in the United States... Canadians go by volume and the U.S go by weight.. You are definitely wrong!!

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    Depends on what it is. Even in the same store you can often by the same booze at different strengths. The US most of the laws are state to state. I mean you can buy 180 proof grain alcohol here if you want. That's as strong as a still can make.

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  • 6 months ago

    Canadian liquor is much more polite.

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