Colleges that offer bachelor in film?

I m not super into film making or anything so I don t have this big drive to go to some prestigious school like USC or anything. I just want to be able to to work as maybe an editor for a career. I want to know if anyone has any suggestions for a school that offers a bachelor s degree in film I won t have to pay an absurd amount for. (Around 30k for tuition would be absurd for me) I currently attend the University of Iowa because I get in state tuition and am double majoring in film and communications.

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  • 6 months ago

    So, any out-of-state public university or a private university is going to cost your more than #30K per year when you add up tuition, room & board, transportation, fees, books, and supplies -- unless you can get a huge scholarship or major financial aid. That means that you're pretty much stuck with public universities in Iowa. Sorry.

    You can use websites like Niche or Big Future or just google "film major" and you can find a list of universities that offer some kind of film program. For example the University of North Carolina at Wilmington has a great program. The issue for you is that tuition alone is over $20K/year. Add in another $10-$12K for housing & food, and you've exceeded your limit before you've even arrived.

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  • enn
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    6 months ago

    There are a lot of jobs you can have with basic media or communications degrees. You need not have a specific film degree from one school to make videos. Youtube videos are hot right now, and these are being filmed and made by people who invested in really good camera and really good computer software editing programs. I grew up a lot of the guys who became the camera crew for ESPN -- all they did was bring their parent's VHS video cameras to their BMX track and to their ski and snowboard trips to the local ski resorts in Southern California -- really, that's it. That's all they did. They went to Long Beach Community College and took business and electronic repair courses, but did their camera work by taking a VHS camera with them when they and their buddies went surfing to Baja or went to the BMX track and took video of their buddies doing flips on their dirtbikes. When they went into ESPN they brought in all of their video footage. To be a video editor you need to get busy --- editing video. Really. The big tv stations in Des Moines and even in Mason City, all they require for video editing is someone with experience in video editing. So to get that experience the best place is to go to the local non-denominational church and sign up to work in the sound booth and media department. every Sunday you film the sermons and help edit the sermons to be uploaded onto the church's website. When you get practiced and regular at it, you put together a video showing off your editing talents. My husband made a Vacation Bible School video presentation with me going around filming all the kids at play during the week of Vacation Bible School, and my husband edited the bits into a video that was shown on The Sunday after Vacation Bible School ended to all of the parents of all of the kids. With that video and a few others. my husband could easily go to any tv news studio and get a job editing tv news with no degree. Get a volunteer job at your local church learning to work on microphones, sound editing, video and video editing, and put together a video you made to show to a prospective employer. Even as a volunteer, 2 years experience at the church qualifies as working experience for a job! Get busy working on this and get a communications degree from wherever -- that's all the guys doing all the talking on ESPN have since they got injured playing ball! If they can make bank on a communications degree, you can too! Go for it and good luck to you!

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