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Does anyone know what type of spider this is and and if i’m able to keep it as a pet?

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    This is a jumping spider, Salticidae family..looks like Phidippus cardinalis species or similar.

    These and similar are perhaps the most popular pets spider next to tarantulas.

    There are a good many keeping guides and sites dedicated to keeping these and other true spiders.

    You might even check out the jumping spider group on facebook.

    What I now of these are a bit more shy than the bold jumper, curious, very people friendly.

    Loads of youtube videos of these.

    My last pet jumper, a Platycryptus californicus, she found me, noticed her on my hand checking me out.

    Had her over 9 months, died not long after having a round of babies:

    Just a hunch, your little friend is an adult male, likely live a bit into winter, your call to keep or not, there are always more.

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    12 months ago

    Let it stay in the wild, it's not a toy for humans.

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