How do you know when you've fallen out of love?

For a while now, my girlfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship and we've been scraping by but staying together. Whenever we're together, it's usually alright but it feels like we're trying to cram everything we've been feeling for the time apart into the time we have together, which has always caused some strain. She's done things I'm not comfortable with (not serious things, just things I have problems with), but I don't want to limit her on what she can do because I know she needs her freedom. My issue is: I've started to stop caring. The things she does still makes me uncomfortable, but I find myself shrugging them off and labeling it as something I can't change. So, does this mean I'm falling out of love with my girlfriend?

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    It's very possible. If kept and cared for, love can bridge any distance. Maybe she stopped caring before you did and that is playing a big part in why you guys aren't doing well.

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