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Will the British people get a second Brexit vote now that they know its full repercussions?

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago
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    That would be the fairest thing as the people were lied to in the build up to the first vote

    • Clive
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      4 months agoReport

      So you don't know, and what makes you think there won't be lies next time?

  • 4 months ago

    They are proud of what they have done. Sad story.

  • 4 months ago

    Is that the Democratic process where you hold the same referendum over and over until you get the answer you want?

  • PoBoy
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    4 months ago

    They should hold a second vote. Billionaires screwed with the first vote and the people should be given an opportunity to reverse their mistake.

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  • 4 months ago

    No. The people have spoken, and spoke again when they elected Boris Johnson's party as majority. PM Johnson will not allow another vote. There will be a hard Brexit in October.

    • Red4 months agoReport

      You say the people have spoken. However, not all of the countries involved voted to leave the E.U..

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