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wushudude asked in HealthMental Health · 10 months ago

Repeated failed attempts at promotion, what s the next step?

So I ve worked at my current blue retail job for nearly 11 years now. Transferred departments once but seems like I m stuck where I m at now.

I ve tried four times now for a supervisor/manager role and did not make it. Current situation is I m a car tech in the auto shop, very understaffed though do have two trainees. The new scheduling system is bogus so hours are horrendous and coverage suffers. Also have a demonic co-manager.

Recently tried to apply for academy (basically training other associates and supervisors in the local area), as was suggested to me by 3 coworkers. Unfortunately, gotta have some time as a department manager under my belt which I have not been able to land.

I was actually one of two choices for the shop manager at least but lost to a former CSM. Its a little awkward when you know more about your department than your immediate boss, but we are good friends.

I m not sure what to do now. Is it worth trying again? All I hear are different stories why I cant move up, other than the usual "need leadership experience" line.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Next step? Ask for a Pay Rise to make up for being passed over for promotion and having your progress stalled. Keep your eyes open for a better job in the meantime.

    • wushudude10 months agoReport

      yeah, you're right, guess its time for a discreet job search.

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