Find the coordinates of A....?

In the picture below the points OABC form a parallelogram, where

O = (0, 0)

B = (9, 7)

C = (6, 2)

(1) What are the co-ordinates of A?

(2) What are the areas of the right angled triangles (a) ONC, (b) OBM and (c) CBL

(3) What is the area of the parallelogram?



I realize that question (2) is easy, but I've written it just in case it gives some clue as to question (3).....

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  • 11 months ago
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    In light of parallelograms being mentioned we recall the definition of a parallelogram

    vector CB = vector OA

    Since CB = <3,5>

    And O = (0,0)


    Area of parallelogram is given by the cross product of its two neighboring sides, e.g. <3,5> × <6,2> = ?

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