Is this normal for anxiety?

So when I go out(and it's only when I'm in public or going for long walks) I notice I feel as if I can't walk. Like as I am walking, I feel like I am going to fall down or pass out. Like my legs are locked. Then I start to overthink my breathing and my asthma making me believe I'm having asthma attacks. And I'm afraid to keep walking because I keep having this feeling of not breathing(but I don't feel as if I am hyperventilating), my legs are heavy, and I'm going to fall down and pass out.

I also notice that it definitely happens in large open areas when I have nothing I can grab. Examples being a large street crossing or a big field.

I can't stand this feeling and it literally ruins EVERYTHING. I honestly would rather just deal with my asthma than this feeling.

Like I am going to Montreal in January, and I WANT to enjoy myself and walk the streets happily. Like I want to go ice skating and if I feel as if I can't even walk, how can I go ice skating?

So does that whole passing out/falling thing sound like anxiety?

1 Answer

  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    12 months ago

    get it checked out, it might not have anything to do with anxiety

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