Weird Mandala Reaction to CS Lewis's Narnia Book?

A friend and I were talking about books we read in childhood, when we realized we had the exact same weird reaction to CS Lewis' book "The Magician's Nephew" from the Narnia series. We both had this overwhelmingly creepy feeling of déjà vu when we first read it. Specifically, we knew exactly how the book ended and everything in between. Feelings of weirdness really kicked in when the rings were introduced. Has anyone else felt that same feeling, and why? Is there a strange Mandala-like effect going on? I'd say CS Lewis was just a hack who combined elements of Christianity and other myths resulting in a predictable story-line, but that doesn't explain the déjà vu creepy feelings.

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  • 11 months ago

    Perhaps you had been misled by the people who wrongly say you should read the books in chronological order of the story rather than of publication, and had already read it years ago and had forgotten.

    It's absurd to say C S Lewis was 'just a hack'.

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