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Question for Computer/mobile repair experts?

I took my phone to a repair company because it had NO SERVICE i n the corner of the screen which meant I couldn't call, text or use mobile data (4g) and nobody could call or text me so the repair company put a new chip in it and since they placed the new chip inside it my service came back for a week or two but it stopped again and went to NO SERVICE again so I went to another repair company and they told me that it needed a base band chip and they installed the new baseband chip but it did not resolve the problem because I still had NO SERVICE which I found annoying so I took it back to the first company and they said my phone is unrepairable so I tried loads of online tips such as removing and reinserting sim, manually setting the network, reset the network settings, reset the whole phone to factory settings, turning aeroplane on and off several times, set location on and off,turned roaming on updated carrier settings checked and reset carrier data network settings, did a software update and I did so much more in settings and on my phone.

In the about section on my phone it says:

Network: Not available.

Capacity: 5.23GB

Available: 3.88GB

Version: 10.3.3 (14G60)

Carrier: giffgaff 28.3

Model: MG902B/A

Serial Number: (Serial No is there).

Wi-fi Address: (Wi fi address is there).

Bluetooth: F0:DB:F8:AD:30:6A

IMEI: (IMEI number is also displayed).

ICCID: (ICCID number is also shown).

Modem firmware: 7.60.00

Do you know if anything can be done to fix my iPhone5c?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Throw the stupid thing in the garbage can and get yourself a Droid turbo 2. Don't get yourself one of these new Androids that is running pie version 9 because it's trouble-prone it breaks your Wi-Fi it breaks your hotspot and it causes the volume control to not work correctly stick with the tried-and-true version 7. The Droid turbo 2 has a shatter resistant screen 3 gigs of RAM quad core processor. And what's more as you can get this phone which is a quite powerful for a cell phone for only $125 new on eBay.

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