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Why is this?

I have really never really liked school. I did not hate it but I did not enjoy it and dreaded getting up and going to school. Well I am now a senior in high school. Most kids are excited but I am really sad. I don’t plan on repeating high school and I suppose I could go to collage but collage is not the same. It just is not the same at all. Why am I so sad to go from high school. Why am I not pumped up and ready? Used to I would just dream of the day I could finally get out of that place. Summer, spring, and winter breaks as well as other days off like weekends, little holidays, snow days, etc is what got me though the years. Damn I am really bummed out and don’t know why. This is honestly sort of strange. I suppose I could become a teacher.

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  • donnie
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    Well that’s because you spent most of your whole life in school and now it is about over. You have many good memories and everything and well even the kids who are excited will probably miss it one day. Yes, you could become a teacher if that’s what you decide to do.

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