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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 9 months ago

Work hours being but down?

I’m a casual employee at my job and I was given 38hrs a week for 6mths straight just working at the front of our store.

I’m one of the hardest workers at my job yet the past 6mths my boss reduced my hours to 20-25hrs a week. The boss is 45 yrs old and is a bully and a sleaze, he flirts with and hits on anything female including the 19yr olds.

We’ve had over 40 employees either quit or get fired in the 16mths he has been our boss.

We have 5 new girls that have just started and he has given them each 30-38hrs, including another girl that has worked there as long as me.

Im also not allowed to work at the front of the store anymore. Last week I didn’t come in to work and the boss kept calling me asking me to come in. I asked him if I could be shifted to another location 3x he said he would but that was 5mths ago.

Im 26 and whenever he has tried to flirt with me I’ve ignored him or walked away. I refuse to talk to him unless I have to.

Why did he give me full time ours for so long and then give them away?

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  • Jr
    Lv 5
    9 months ago
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    He’s “one of those bosses”. He uses his position to flirt with the female coworkers. I’m assuming he gave you less hours since he saw that you weren’t having things his way like the other female coworkers. I believe that’s also why he doesn’t want to change you to a different location either since he has a thing for females.

    Regardless your boss sounds like a total tool and he doesn’t appreciate the hard work you put in. At this point probably the best thing for you to do would probably find a job elsewhere, where you will be appreciated for your skills. Sadly that’s just the way it is, most bosses these days are corrupt and power hungry. A hard working person such as yourself shouldn’t have much difficulty finding another job though.

    Good luck

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  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    maybe you should go work for someone else

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