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Should I take a one time travel nanny opportunity?? Is it wrong?

I currently care for a family of two children at the moment. I’ve been with them since the beginning of the year and I recently got offered this great opportunity to travel with a family of 3 out of the country for a week. This would be a one time thing it would not replace the family I care for now. However I feel guilty about it, I don’t know if it’s wrong for me to take it? My question is if I should take the job?

Also if I should how do I tell the family that I’m with now? I don’t want them to get angry with me or annoyed with me (they’re very awesome and understanding.) but still I feel bad. Please share your opinion on what you think I should do!

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  • Foofa
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    3 months ago

    There's probably no way your current employer wouldn't be angry (and probably fire you). Nothing is ever a "once in a lifetime" opportunity because life is long and other opportunities always present themselves (even if you have to take proactive measures to make it happen). If you like your current job or even just need this family as a reference to continue working in your field I wouldn't risk it over a mere one week vacation.

  • Pearl
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    4 months ago

    i would just tell them the truth, they might be happy for you

  • cat
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    4 months ago

    Why would it be wrong? Tell your primary family that you will need a week off. Give them as much notice as possible. Don't tell them that you will be traveling with another family, just tell them you need a week off. If you're a full-time nanny, you should have some time off.

    • lexi4 months agoReport

      Thank you! I’m not sure why I was feeling guilty about it I just wanted a second opinion! Thanks again!

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