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Dogs: Is it strange that my chocolate Lab lets the cat sleep with him?

This is a very big lab - over 90 pounds. He was 6 years old when he was neutered 2 years ago. The cat is a very small two year old spayed Siamese. He lets her do anything, he even lets her eat out of his bowl. He will not let our other two big dogs near that bowl. She stays there with him sleeping all night until he gets up in the morning.

He is a friendly dog and he is not aggressive except for guarding his bowl from the other two dogs.

Could it be that this dog is trying to be a parent to the cat or be thinking that she belongs to him?

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    Some dogs do well with cats. My brother stayed with me for a while with his aggressive rottweiler. This dog hated my little dog and I had to keep them apart. But he got along great with the cat. The cat was raised with dogs, but the Rott had never been around other animals. They would play together and the cats head would be wet with dog drool from the dog taking his head in it's mouth, but he never hurt the cat.

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  • 11 months ago

    No, my dog and cat do the same thing.

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