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My sister is a cruel person. She is 22. Do people change as they get older or is there no hope since she is an adult already?

I have heard of bad kids becoming good people but my sister is a bad adult.

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    Some people take longer to mature than others. Me and my sister were like that. Ever since we were kids we just would NOT get along. We kinda grew distant as teenagers and we started to get along when we were 18+

    But yeah just let her do her own thing. She may or may not come around.

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    My sister has never changed! As she got older she got worse. My mother noticed disturbing behaviour in her when she was two. She got very jealous of any pets my mum showed affection to. She used to hit and kick the dog when she thought no one was looking. So my Mum had to give Jessie away. Then I was born and she was spiteful towards me. As she got older her physical aggression turned to mental and emotional aggression. She is a true Sociopath. She looks at you in a creepy way when you're speaking, like she is trying to suss you out. She's figuring out how genuine you are, how intelligent you are and how easy you may be to control or dominant. People who are none of these things she'll leave alone. She only attracted to 'weaklings'. She gets pleasure from destroying lives, she gets pleasure from suffering as long as it's not her own. She's told me all of this. Then asked me never to contact her again because she enjoys hurting me to get at our Mother. She says she can't help herself.

    It depends on how bad your sister is.

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    Our personalities are pretty much set by the time we are about 4 years old. Sorry.

    Your only hope is to learn how to manage and control your sister by asserting yourself to her.

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    Your sister is still a kid. Her brain isn't even fully developed yet. Our brains continue to grow through our mid 20's

    Many people calm down as they get older and come to realizations about how to behave. Some never do. Your sister has decades to figure it out.

    In the meantime, don't let her get to you. It's not worth stressing out over someone else's behavior.

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    you can always ask god to change her

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