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Breast Cancer dream?!?

Iam 22 with no family history of breast cancer, this is the 2nd time I’ve had a dream about having it, or having a lump in the same spot. I’m usually worried about my health, but not really about breast cancer. And online I read all these stories of women having this dream and then being diagnosed? Is this just my anxiety or should I worry?

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    6 months ago

    That's just silly. IF you are having dreams about cancer, its your anxieties playing out in your subconscious mind. The brain can do a whole bunch of weird things to your dreams while you are sleeping, with some dreams being vivid and terrifying. If you've recently been checked by your doctor for lumps and nothings been found, then you need to deal with your anxieties properly. if this continues to run through your mind, consider seeing a psychiatrist.

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