I like slingshots alot and want to get into them alot but I need like a chart of different rubbers and strengths or (draw weight) to help?

I don't know much about rubber bands but I like them alot and I need a chart that have info on different rubbers and draw force strengths to help me understand better and possibly know what rubber to use to make my own slingshot.im a carpenter and I can make a ton of slingshot handles but I need to know what rubbers to use and how to tie them correctly without it back lashing or severe cracking happening.this is a photo of of a slingshot with a heavy rubber possibly a 20lbs draw force and other slingshots I had, had different draw weights.but this rubber on this one I nice and want to buy more but idk if it was bought like this or was cut nicely because I don't see curves on the rubber. Help would be appreciated

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