Would you dare a guy who's stronger than, and who overpower you?

I've been a swimmer since I was a boy. Swimming has made a very string man.

I've dated many bodybuilders. They all have big muscles, but they are never stronger than me.

I'm dating a cowboy. He's been working with cows, horses and bulls since he was a boy. He is stronger than me.

I had never dated someone stronger than me.

I feel weird. If we ever get angry at each other, he could easily overpower me. I've never been in that situation. He could do with me what he wanted if he ever decided to do so.

Would you feel comfortable dating someone stronger than you?

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  • 6 months ago
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    So dare him to see who can ride the other one better.

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  • 6 months ago

    I wouldn't dream of "dating" someone who is at least as strong as I am, and usual have gone with men who are stronger. If you do not know him well enough to trust him, perhaps you should not be "dating" him. Even if he were weaker, you need to trust a partner on matters of health, of finance, and of many other things. Does he react to other things that make him angry in a violent or out-of-control way? Is he often in altercations with other people, friend or foe? How does he relate to his exes?

    There is one thing that is better than trust, and that is predictability. And that depends on your knowing him well enough.

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  • Brian
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    6 months ago

    As a straight guy who dates women and works with many in a physical job, even though i'm on just 5ft 7" and 150 lbs, i havent came across a regular women, be she 5ft 0" and 100 lbs or 6ft 0"and 200 lbs who is stronger than me, from a dating poing of view yes i would find it strange dating a woman who is stronger than me but i think most straight guys would.As a gay man though , isn't it a given if your on the dating scene that you will sooner or later end up dating a man who is physically stronger than yourself at some point?

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