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Weed wacker got scolding hot?

I just got a new stihl weed wacker. I went to someones house to weed wack it was a hot day, so I guess the son may have heated up the plastic that I touched, but I remember yesterday when it was about 60 out. It felt like a heater were the carburetor was. Today I touched the plastic, and it was scolding hot. Not so much that I had to pull my hand away, but to the point it got very uncomfortable if I held it there for a few seconds. Is this a common occurrence?

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    Make sure you remembered to use fuel/oil mix if the engine is 2 stroke. If it's brand new it's normal for it to be a bit hot. It's also normal for the strings to be very hot just from the friction of dragging on plant flesh as they whip them apart.

    • Nicholas6 months agoReport

      I know the mix is correct, as the guy I bought it fro. Filled it up

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