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JF asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 9 months ago

How would you rank these players that fell through the cracks in our keeper league?

Standard 14-team keeper league + I'm picking 14th (champ!) so trying to anticipate how to rank the top guys left and/or how it might fall down to me for my first 2 picks.

So how would you rank these 17 players? (listed in order of my initial ranking)

- Gurley

- Damien Williams

- Antonio Brown

- Melvin Gordon

- Amari Cooper

- Devonta Freeman

- Marlon Mack

- Kittle

- Keenan Allen

- Zach Ertz

- Thielen

- Derrick Henry

- Brandon Cooks

- Diggs

- Woods

- Mahomes

- Jacobs

2 Answers

  • 9 months ago

    you should separate by position and tiers. so for example ur tier 1 rbs will be barkley mccaffrey kamara keke. tier 2 mellvin gordon leveon bell.... etc. see whos available and go with highest value.

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  • 9 months ago

    Rather than rank them, I'd just try to figure out who might be left. Also, remember that if anyone is on auto draft, they'll automatically get next guy in Yahoo rankings. So someone like Melvin Gordon will be taken, even though that is a risky pick.

    Your order is pretty close to reality. 13 gets you to Brandin Cooks. I think it's possible one or both of the TEs might still be around, and someone might also grab Mahomes.

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