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Tim asked in PetsCats · 9 months ago

Best cost effective clumping cat litter?

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  • J C
    Lv 7
    9 months ago
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    I get plain old unscented Tidy Cats. It's economical - and does the job well. Many cheaper litters are either heavily perfumed, or don't really "work" meaning you really haven't saved any money. Scooping the box twice a day actually cuts down on litter expense, as a box properly maintained and scooped won't need the litter dumped and replaced as often. I stock up on it at the grocery store when it's on sale!

    • Tim9 months agoReport

      Ten a week seems to be the most I’ll soend

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Try silica gel cat litter, it is safe and better in moisture absorbing

    • Tim2 weeks agoReport

      I gave my cats away and I miss them dearly

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  • 9 months ago

    Bentonite cat litter, tofu cat litter, wood cat litter, these types are all clumping cat litter.

    Bentonite cat litter: The raw material is natural clay bentonite, clumping is hard.

    Tofu cat litter: The raw material is pea fiber, with moderate hardness and good deodorization ability.

    Pine cat litter: The raw material is pine and bentonite or pine and guar gum.

    Clumping cat litter, easy to clean. When the cat has finished defecating, you can use the shovel after using the clumping of cat litter shovel out of the cat litter box, do not have to throw away the whole box of cat litter.

    More about clumping cat litter information please click here:

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