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How is it that the grandiose tard behind James Bond, Ian Fleming, has made more movie deals than the late, great Tom Clancy?

Fleming tried to be a spy. He told his potential future superiors what he thought the job would be like, and so turned him down. Then he writes crap novels.

But Tom Clancy was an awesome writer; one who seemed to have inside knowledge about the inner workings of the USIC. He was a God. Not just to Jack Ryan, John Kelly/Clark, and domino Chavez. But to his fans. Clancy was more original. Better at telling a story as well....

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    Many of the Bond films have little or no resemblance to Fleming's books of the same title. Other's are not based on his books at all apart from the names of the characters and we're made long after his death in 1964. Some of the early films like Dr. No and Thunderball are reasonably accurate adaptations and Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig is a clever reworking of the novel bringing it up to date but keeping many of the original elements and dialogue. The longevity of the Bond franchise is due to the continual development of the characters and stories beyond what Fleming wrote.

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    Maybe if Mr Clancy had written a book that made as good of a movie as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang things would have been different

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    Clancy's novels are more realistic, that's for sure. His characters are better drawn, and he has a real grip on current political and military topics. I agree, in every way he's a better novelist. Neither one is particularly good at exploring the moral complexities involved, but whatever.

    Fleming had good timing and good press. If not for the movie "Dr. No," it's unlikely Bond would have become the phenomenon he is. And, of course, there's Sean Connery to consider, who was perfect for the role.

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    Tom Clancy has somethithing to do with James Bond?

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    both authors are dead

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