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I lost my spark, how do I get it back?


This is probably gonna sound arogant but when I was a kid I was a genius I started reading before anyone else i knew two languages (Bosnian and English) and because of this everybody disliked me.

I was solving puzzles and math problems faster than everyone in my class. Even my older brother bullied me. I wanted to be a scientist and explore the secrets of the world. As I grew up, everyone kept calling me weird and I didnt have any friends.

I was alone. I didnt like that feeling of being lonely. So I decided to drop everything. I began socializing and making a fool out of myself instead of pursuing my dreams. I was 9 at this stage. 6 years passed and know I want to follow my dream, but I cant.

I have lost the interest in a goal I loved, and it pains me. I really want to be the boy with curiosity I was instead of a lowlly class clown. But I just dont have the ambition that was driving me as a boy. Please, I need help I am desperate!!!

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  • 6 months ago

    What subject are you passionate about now, what subject is not an effort to learn that you actually enjoy? You can get that spark back, you’re just out of practice. You need someone you look up to, another smart person to recognise your potential and give you that boost you need. You’re only 15 and have plenty of time to work hard and get back on top of things. Don’t act like an idiot so that people will like you. Those people should raise you up and encourage your talents. You don’t want to end up like them with all that potential wasted. Find smarter friends that you can bounce off and that will become a good influence to you

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  • 6 months ago

    you sound an intelligent chap, this life is a struggle for many but after this, it isn't the end, do not give up hope, you have to be stronger than all of that.

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