help im lost?

has anyone ever played moon pennies? its where you say something you can buy then say something you cant buy. like, i can buy the moon but i cant buy pennies. i dont even know if thats right because my friend wont tell me the rule. if anyone has ever played it and knows the rule please tell me. im too stupid to figure it out.

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  • Matt
    Lv 5
    5 months ago

    The rule is hidden. The game is to guess in order to find out the rule.and this rule can be different each time you start the game Lets say the rule was you cant buy things that have 2 different vowels (mOOn isnt forbidden, but pennIEs are).

    I had a simmilar game about bringing things to a picnic. Think about what the allowed things have in common. It could ve a phycial trait or something about the words and spelling. Its trial and error while comparing what every one says.

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  • Never heard of it

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