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Any weed growing pros out there?

Hi, I have found myself paying sickening amounts of money for a bit of smoke so I'm going to attempt a small grow of 1 or 2 plants.

Problem is I am not very knowledgeable on the subject and I have never grown so much as a potato... and I'm from Ireland!! So basically can anyone help me pin point exactly what I need and what kind of feed I need and what schedule I should feed. I have seen small hydroponic grow tents on Amazon for £50 and grow lights from £30-70, is this the sort of thing I need?

The space I have to grow is approx. 4x4x8ft and it is in an outdoor shed. Another concern I have is it is coming into the colder seasons soon, will the hydroponic tent make the seasons and temperature irrelevant?

I know I am very ignorant on the subject but any help to point me in the right direction would be very helpful.

Many Thanks!

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    There is all the information you will ever need on line. Here are just a couple sites: and . I'm in California (weed friendly) and also grow in a shed but can't grow about 3 months a year because it gets too hot. Even semi-serious growers out here usually use a room in their house with A.C. My shed, however, has no climate control and it's not well sealed so bugs are a problem (worse in the heat). Out here there are many hydroponics shops all of which specialize in everything needed to grow weed as well as expert advice. For a very small grow I would not bother with a hydroponic set up. I use a King 1000 grow light (under $100 US if you shop on line). It works great for veg and with a 4 plant grow I can grow about a pound a year of some very good product. It is, however, not great for flower. For great flower look at quantum board LED lights but they are roughly $500+ US. Good luck.

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  • Lôn
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    6 months ago

    My garden's full of're welcome to take them.

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    • Andy6 months agoReport

      what's the point of commenting then?? thanks anyway

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  • This oddly sounds illegal to me

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    Because people are going to confess to a federal crime on a social media site.

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