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My teenager body?

I am 15 year old, soon 16. I am 175 cm tall, and skinny. I am not too skinny, but still I am skinny. I do not have large muscle mass to be honest With you. But, still I am in a good shape right now. I have thin bones, (Thin wrists, thin legs), Which makes me a lot of time insecure. The things which you could say is a blessing is: I am naturally pretty wide for my age, since my father is 180 cm and pretty built up big man. My height is great I would say 175 cm is not bad at all. But thats basicly it. I still have good amount of muscle mass but to compare With others teenages of my age I am not such a good match. I would be thankful for any motivation and tips, Thanks in advance.

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    12 months ago have another 10 years before you stop transformation into an adult. CHILL.

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