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what is the primary function of emotional crying?

why does the body respond this way? to indicate you need help? Many people don't feel the need to help someone they pass by crying and many are put off by it... How does crying benefit the body? many of the bodys functions try to compensate, but crying just releases water right? does this reduce pressure? or does it release other chemicals to stimulate and crying is a side effect?

hopefully you get what i am getting at

"The other chemical found in emotional tears is leucine-enkephalin, an endorphin that reduces pain and works to improve mood." If this is true why wouldn't the body use the chemical rather than excrete it? Or is this an overflow?

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  • Newton
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    6 months ago

    If people feel pain emotionally because of what happened, they may want to avoid doing it in the future. It is similar to physical pain. There is a woman born in Britain who cannot feel pain, but she has to be careful because if she puts her hand on a hot stove, it can destroy her hand because she feels no pain and therefore will not withdraw her hand from the hot stove.

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  • Tom
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    6 months ago

    One theory, is that crying releases CHEMICALS associated with stress----in the tears, This is why people "Feel better" afterwards.

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