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What's the personality Traits of an Irish/Italian person?

So, I had a discussion with my 2 friends on a Private Roblox game (Yes I play games) And we were talking about the traits of our parents races. My one friend said that Italians traits are more aggressive and mostly angry and Irish are more overprotective. Backstory my mom is Irish and overprotective and my dad is a little aggressive and gets angry. But my question is what is the traits of a half Irish and Italian person? I'm half Irish and Italian btw. Now I'll explain my personality a bit. I am a nice guy but people see me as a jerk sometimes but I'm truly not. I can be overprotective when it comes to someone hurting my friends. And if I see someone being mean I insult them. What are my traits?

2 Answers

  • 9 months ago

    there is a big difference between an Italian american, or Irish american and and a Irish or Italian person. this is especially true of Italians since in Italy there are different cultures associated with each region, Italian Americans mainly come from Sicilian and neopolitaqn lower class families and are even trashier in America than they are in Italy. oct Italian people are gentleman but in America a they are generally trashy gumbo types with gold jewelry an d greasy hair, or have a wannabe mafioso mentality. you cant se this is Naples and sicily a bit with the lower class people with a bit of money to flash around in silk Versace shirts and earrings and shirt but eve that is cchaging for the better there. not so in America so much. In south florida where I have a home there are many Low class Italian America s and ,lower class Ruch ess a nd they all seem to act similarly disgustingly

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  • Cogito
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    That's just silly generalisation.

    Everyone is different.

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