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Who won the Russo-American War?

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Is there a country called America? There's your answer.

    HELPFUL HINT: America is the name applied to a continent

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  • 6 months ago

    There's not a war in history which is commonly or formally called that.

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  • TB12
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    6 months ago

    Are you referring to the Polar Bear Expedition,,,, we didn't win, but we didn't really lose either,,,, more like just said "to hell with it" and went home.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    There was never such a war.

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  • 6 months ago

    Who would win in a conventional war between USA and Russia depends first and foremost on who is attacking and who is defending. The WHOLE NATO can not win an offensive war against Russia.

    1. USA has a much larger defense budget then Russia, but USA is maintaining a fleet of nuclear aircraft carriers that cost a fortune. USA is also maintaining bases all over the world and has troops deployed in several hostile zones currently. All of that costs a lot of money. The Russian defense budget on the other hand is a lot more focused. Which is how they are able to keep technological pace with the US.

    2. The US military IS NOT technologically more advanced across the board, that is a common misconception. The Russians are most certainly more advanced in missile technology. They are now putting hypersonic cruise missiles into service, while USA does not even have supersonic ones. Not to mention ballistic missiles like the Iskander M and Novator to which USA does not have an equivalent at all. They have also been ahead in armored fighting vehicles and rocket artillery for quite some time.

    3. USA have overall a lot more planes then the Russians. But air supremacy is not as simple as having more planes. USA could launch air attacks against Russia from two sources.

    -Their air bases in Eastern Europe

    -Their aircraft carriers

    And the Russians have ample capability to take both away. The whole purpose of ballistic missiles like the Iskander M and Novator is to quickly strike NATO air bases and supply depots in Easter Europe without actually crossing the border. That is why USA is nervous about them in the first place. If that happens, USA (and indeed the whole NATO) will lose its capability to maintain air supremacy over Russia and Eastern Europe. And against carriers the Russians have a whole arsenal at their disposal.

    -Moskit, Onyks and Kalibr supersonic anti-ship missiles for which there is still no reliable counter.

    -65-76A torpedoes with 100km range that give their submarines the ability to attack a surface force without actually getting in range of their escorts.

    -Zircon and Kinzhal hypersonic anti-ship missiles.

    -Land based Onyks and Kalibr missile batteries that outrage carrier aircraft.

    -VA-111 Shkval M supercavitating torpedo.

    -Land based Tu-22M3 bombers armed with supersonic anti-ship missiles.

    It does not matter how many more planes USA has, if they have no place to launch them from, they can not hope to maintain air supremacy.

    And then, there is also the Russian integrated air defense network, which is second to none on the planet. The Russians are well aware that they are badly outnumbered in the air, so they have developed other means to negate this disadvantage. And they have had over 40 years to do it.

    4. USA has more manpower then Russia. But USA needs to get those men across an ocean to invade Russia. An ocean with Russian submarines hunting in it. And when they get the men across the ocean, they also need to get their supplies and equipment across, and get it delivered to the men fast enough and in sufficient quantities to keep the advance rolling. And the Russians are not just going to let them do that. This is again where the Russian superior missile technology and rocket artillery come into play. As stated before, the Russians would use Iskander M and Novator missile to target NATO supply depots in Eastern Europe. With those gone, your men advancing into the hostile Russian terrain and climate would face the same fate that Napoleons and Hitlers men did. We know how that ended.

    There would be no naval landing on Russian shores, you can just forget that. To even attempt something like that would be suicide. It would require a mass of naval power never before seen. You would need to contend with Russian submarines, hit and run missile attacks by Russian warships, missile attacks by Russian aviation. And if you get through all of that, there are still the Russian land based missile batteries that you would have to get through. Such an operation would probably require most of the US navy at once and its entire carrier fleet, and you would still lose most of it before reaching the shore. It would not be worth it.

    In short, the whole NATO can not win a war against Russia in their sphere of influence, never mind USA alone. But at the same time, Russia can not win an offensive war against the NATO either.

    The Russians want to avoid war with USA, but at the same time USA wants to avoid war with Russia. This is why both countries had communication lines set aside specifically to inform each other of impending military action in Syria so accidental engagments can be avoided.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    "Russia Wouldn't Stand a Chance in a War with the West". Why?

    UK citizen here - I was listening to BBC radio (which I usually trust), and they were interviewing Richard Kemp, a retired British Army officer who commanded the British forces in Afghanistan.

    He was talking with some authority about the current geo-politiking that's going on, and said, almost off-handedly, that Russia ultimately want to avoid a war [with the US] that they have no hope of winning.

    It was said so matter-of-factually that it caught me off guard. I seem to have developed a belief that Russia, a superpower, pose a significant military threat to not only the US, but the combined "West". However, upon looking further, the US's defence budget of $600BN is ten times Russia's, which is roughly equivalent with the UK's ($50-60BN).

    Is this the prime reason for Kemp's statement? Why would Russia, a superpower, stand "no chance"? Would a war with Russia really be that one-sided?

    I'm curious as to your thoughts on this.


    I should have qualified the statement a bit better. He should have said, "Russia have no chance of winning a conventional, non-nuclear, war against the West". In that, he is correct, they would lose, which is why they will not start one. Even if the US did not involve itself, and it was Russia vs Western Europe, my money would be on Western Europe.

    Russian conventional forces are not at the level that they were at at the time of the cold war, their fleet is a collection of poorly maintained vessels, which limits their expeditionary capability to locations they can reach over land or by air (over friendly or neutral nations). Their military is smaller than it was, mostly conscript based, and is shrinking due to the demographic issues that Russia currently suffers from. In a stand up fight with a numerically equivalent Western force from, say, France, the UK, or the US, I don't see how they could possibly win.

    Russia has geopolitical aims which essentially boil down to annexing or dominating the nations of the former Soviet Union. In places like the Baltic and the Ukraine, the tactics have been what "Yes, Minister" once called "salami tactics" - take a slice of a country here, a slice there, but never formally declare war, and always paint yourself as a victim defending the interests of Russian ethnics in the target nations.

    Depends on the direction of the fighting. If Western Europe counter attacks they better do it hard, fast, and starting in like March.

    Honestly, it comes down to 3 things. and I'm going to extremes here right? Lets ignore allies for a bit. 1: Population Size 2: Army Power and Army Skill 3: Nukes

    To expand on point 1, The United States has a much larger population than Russia...surprisingly. The United States has more than double the population so double the "theoretical army". Of course this is speculation as not everyone will actively fight, however if we look at currently active members of the military alone, the U.S is once again....double that of Russia. In a quote (which is now under fire for being inaccurate as far as the comparison goes) "1 German Tiger tank is worth that of 4 Sherman...but the Americans always had 5." Sure the quote might be under fire but i think its actually pretty funny.

    Now for point 2, the U.S has the military might. When it comes to technological advancements Russia is no competitor for the United States... FOR A WAR BETWEEN THE 2. That's an important note. To explain, in Aircraft's alone the U.S has more than triple Russia's amount. This includes planes to helicopters. In Subs, we are actually quite even in number surprisingly. However, in Tanks and land warfare vehicles, Russia doubles that of the U.S. This makes sense of course for a country surrounded by countries that neighbor in land. This is why its important to note in a war between the two would likely end in the U.S favor unless the Russians depended on home turf guerrilla warfare. Then it boils down to can the Americans make it to the shores with their aircraft's and equipment which at that point i believe would just need to create a single foothold to begin winning, or simply not engage as they know a war anywhere outside of Russia's borders will most likely go easily in their favor and be much less of a issue.

    Now we hit #3. Nukes. This is an argument i rather dislike simply because its quite literally the nuclear option. To me this argument comes out to "nope nukes that's it argument/debate is over go home". The issue with Nukes though, is that they are actually real, and they makes my previous two points useless...hypothetically. Unless we can shoot the nukes out of the sky which i don't believe we have the technology to do so, at least not safely, it becomes a game of chicken. If Russia or the U.S is losing, it boils down to whether or not (at this point in time) Trump, or (at probably all points in time) Putin will be salty/desperate enough to say "I might lose but I'm not going to be the only one who loses" and launches it. This idea however, although just speculation isn't even solid. Because the moment one of them goes doomsday, the other will surly retaliate. This will go from a lost war to "These countries kind of don't even exist anymore". So i doubt it will escalate that far to begin with. Most people assume "Even if they lose they will just fire the nuke" when in reality firing the Nuke goes from just losing to not existing.

    In a war between the two, I believe the U.S has it. When we include allies, I still believe it goes to the U.S Because although Russia has china, it now has to deal with one of the best if not the best naval force in the world, the United States over bearing air force (which can now safely be placed across the oceans giving the U.S the foothold i was referring to earlier) and the land vehicles of the Germans, all at the same time destroying Russia's main advantage of keeping the U.S an ocean away and forcing them to figure out away to safely sail/fly onto Russia's land.

    They wouldn't be able to fly safely anywhere near Russia with their advanced AA systems and anti-ship missiles.

    • Ambistoma
      Lv 7
      6 months agoReport

      Couldn't it be that NATO wouldn't win the war either?

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  • KaleyK
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    Russia and the United States have never been at war.

    • Tundra Rob
      Lv 7
      6 months agoReport

      Us troops "intervened" (invaded) Russian territory during the Russian Revolution. About 13,00 US servicemen were deployed at Vladivostok and Archangelsk.

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