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I want to move to Atlanta... But I'm from Puerto Rico and I'm 20 years old?

I want to move to Atlanta but obviously, my insecurities are coming from financial problems. I am going to save money starting now (August) and in January want to move to Atlanta but my health plan won't cover, I'll have to pay for the common things like apartment, car, food, etc. I'll get a job before moving in but I just need help to find financial helps or anything that can help me make this change much easier.


SN: I never said "Pay me to go there".

Obviously I would align a job before moving despite having savings. I would rent a low budget apartment, not an empty one so furniture isn't really a problem here.

I know there are financial helps but I want to organize them and see options I might have never heard of. It has nothing to do with "Pay me to go there". That's just a terrible mindset. It's common sense I need to go prepared. I haven't lost hope in you guys so I'll keep waiting for answers.

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    You want to move, YOU pay all the expenses. Nobody is going to help you. You will need sufficient funds for: transportation to Atlanta, temporary accommodations (e.g. hotel) while you look for apartment; 3 months rent in advance (security deposit, first & last month's rent); utility turn-on fees & deposits; furniture & furnishings for the apartment; local transportation; health insurance; appropriate attire for job hunting, work, climate, etc.; food & everything else you need until you are earning enough to pay for it all.

    Expect rent & utilities (electric, cable, internet, phone) to run $2000/month for a very modest 1 bedroom apartment, and it can run more.

    You will need proof of employment with earnings of at least 3 times monthly rent to apply for an apartment. IF you have a good job lined up before you arrive, you might be able to get by with $10,000-15,000 to set yourself up. Without a job, you could have twice that much & still have trouble. If you want a car, you might find a used car in good condition for around $10,000, and auto insurance can run $1000/month if you are under 25. You have NO credit, so pay cash.

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      You cannot obtain any financial help. You have to do it yourself. NO options will be available to you. you have to be a taxpaying resident of the state for a minimum of a year before you might qualify. It's the same if you move from Florida or some other state.

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    You might look into what church based help exists in Atlanta. But your plight, having the legality to move to the continental US but not the financial means to do so, is one that affects many Puerto Ricans.

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    Why would anyone pay you to do this?

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