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Are you in touch with your ex? Or at least aware of how they are?

After college, I dated a college friend for a couple of years. We used to sext each other all day from work and and from home and usually we'd be bursting with desire by evening to meet up.. sometimes I'd even go to see her at her lunch break for you know..

It was a very passionate relationship- nothing like how I am with my now wife. My wife and I have sex and we both get off but it's not like how it was with my ex.. sexting each other, living apart, struggling to meet up and finding places to get some quick action.... sometimes just a remote spot to park the car and play with each other late at night. Sexting was the most fun part.. all day long the phone would ding and the excitement of finding out what she wrote now.. that was the best. Two years were great and then she moved to california and a year later even I left nyc. We flew back and forth to meet up.. By now we had a little bit of good money flow and didn't need to sneak around. But the distance couldn't hold the relationship for long and we broke up. I had a lot of changes in my life happening at the time so once broken up, I lost all contact with her. She lived in Cali and I was in the east coast. I didn't even know anyone she knew. A few years passed. I met someone, got married, had a baby etc. Two months ago I went to LA for work and it brought back memories so just for the heck of it, I made an effort to look up my ex and found out that 7 months after our break up she died in an accident...


[continued].. She was walking on the side walk when a speeding car hit another car and that car hit her. I was told she was in pain and conscious when they brought her to the hospital... died after couple of hours.

After breaking up with her, we wrote each other a few emails and then nothing. Since she never made contact again.. I just assumed she had moved on.. I'm shattered to know she was dead for the past 4.5 years and probably looking down from above and probably hates me :((

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    Yes, dating is nothing like marriage. You've made that point. I'm in touch with a few exes on social media and others can burn in Hades for all I care. But I don't make the mistake of comparing a thrilling, short term, non marital fling to the hard work and limitless patience required to keep a marriage together. They're just two entirely different states of being.

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    She's not mad at you. She is in another realm happy and free. You can speak with her through prayer,meditation or just simply with the heart.. I'm sorry for your loss.... Be blessed...

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    No. Gone is gone for me. I am in my 60's and some of them are not even living anymore - I just found an obituary for one of them when I looked them up the other day to see if they were still living in my city.

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    Nope. I don't stay friends with exs i think that people who do that like drama because it never seems to fail that the ex is somehow causing drama in the new relationship when the other one moves on. If you weren't over your ex you shouldn't have married your rebound.

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