Question for tow truck driver?

How often do two truck driver got cancel while on way or got there and this vehicle is gone which lose money for two truck driver?

Reason I'm asking cuz earlier I got stuck on ditch, I had no service on my phone because I'm out in country farm area where cell phone won't work. So can't get ahold of triple A.

Anyway some old lady drove pass and she asked if I need help, I say I can't call any tow truck, she say ok she will go home to make a call. She live 4 miles away from where I got stuck, 20 minutes later she drove back to me and told me she called tow truck driver from home, she say gonna be 90 bucks and they are now on way, she say gonna be 45 minutes waiting. Then she left.

About 10 minutes later there is a huge pickup truck drove pass then stop and he say he can help me for free, he got chains with hooks. So he did pull me outfrom ditch.

After that I told guy in pickup truck what about tow truck driver, they are on way and I gonna have to wait then pay them 90 bucks for coming even those I don't need them anymore.

Guy in pickup truck say oh I wouldn't worry about tow truck driver, just leave and enjoy your rest of day for saving 90 bucks. I ask him what if I saw tow truck maybe 15 minutes later on road and happened just pass it, he say oh you can just wave at him and tell him you don't need tow truck anymore and maybe pay them 25 bucks for coming.

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  • Erik
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    6 months ago
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    It's exactly like the guy said, just be happy you saved $90. It's not like they're going to take the money out of the guy's check. He gets paid either way. I would just be worried about him wasting a lot of his time because he couldn't find you.

    Too bad you couldn't have told the woman to call AAA for you.

    • Greedy6 months agoReport

      True, well just wondering how often it happened to tow truck staff who end up get back to home or his own garage because of this situation?

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