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What is wrong with my arm?

I don't expect legitimate medical advice, but I'd appreciate any advice besides to call my doctor because at the moment I cannot see him for a while due to lack of someone willing to watch my sons for me (can't bring them with me, they are twin toddlers, absolutely not) and my partner works long hours 6 days a week.

I was at a concert and got essentially punched in the shoulder/chest, right underneath the clavicle. Like the muscle/bone/ligament/tendon where arm connects to chest. It hurt initially, and I was sore. The pain went away, save for some discomfort in my shoulder blade area on my back (even though I was hit in the front of my body). I've had pain there for years that comes and goes from I'm guessing when I dislocated it from falling, so I figured I just pinched a nerve or something and it's triggering that pain I get on and off.

Well my toddler flew backwards as I was fighting him to put on a shirt today, and he hit me right where I was originally hit last week and it was a shock. The pain made me freeze up and slump over to the side. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't move. It still now hurts to take deep breaths and I am having a hard time moving my arm. It almost feels like I need to crack it, or that a muscle was pulled. But I can't figure out exactly what is wrong. I haven't lost any mobility, it just really hurts to move it in some positions, but it hurts all around my whole shoulder and very slightly into my upper chest.

What could possibly be wrong?

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    There could be a fracture or a torn (or partially torn) tendon or ligament. While neither is a 911 emergency, without a medical diagnosis and treatment for either issue, it could heal incorrectly and cause impaired/restricted movement which could be permanent. If you cannot seek medical treatment during regular hours due to your partner's work schedule and you don't have childcare, perhaps you should consider going to an urgent care once your partner comes home.

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    No reason why you can't take the twins with you to either a walk in centre or doctors. People here in the U.K. live a normal life with them. Sounds like severe inflamation or muscle strain. It needs looking at if you have to cope with youngsters.

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    Some more detail I forgot: no bruising, no swelling, it doesn't look collapsed, etc. It appears fine but if I push down exactly where I was hit, about 2-3 inches in from my armpit and 2.5-3 inches down from my clavicle, I feel the pain all around my shoulder. I'm also 5'0", female, 130ish pounds

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    You dislocated your shoulder. You need to get to a doctor to have it put back. Take your children with you. Doctor will have to put up with it. This will not heal on its own and will be harder to deal with the longer you wait.

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