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If you have 5.2 apples and the conversion factor is 2.8 oranges/apples, how many oranges do you have? If you have 9.6 oranges how many apples do you have?

If you have 8.92 dogs in the conversion factors are 4.7×10^25 hair/dog and 1.3×10^2 ticks/hair how many ticks does the dog have?

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS! I’ve never been one to be good at math and conversions. If you could explain that would be amazing!!

1 Answer

  • 10 months ago

    This is just dimensional analysis. Cancel the units:

    5.2 apples * 2.8 oranges/apple = 14.56 or 15 oranges

    9.6 oranges * 1/2.8 apples/orange = 9.6/2.8 = 24/7 = 3.4 apples

    8.92 dogs *4.7e25 hair/dog * 130 ticks/har = 5.5e28 ticks

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