How does it work with rental cars and snow tires in Japan?


I get that a car rented in Nagano in winter is going to have snow tires on it in the winter. What happens if you pick up a car at Narita and intend to drive it to a snowy part of Japan? Before you all tell me about public transportation, I have rented cars before in Japan and enjoyed motoring there. I've just never done it in winter.

Update 2:

AWD is fine but not essential as long as the tires are proper snow tires, and not the all-seasons that you get when you typically rent a car in North America.

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  • 12 months ago
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    Studless tires are generally used in snowy regions of Japan.

    If you want to rent a car in Narita, you better tell them in advance that you want to go to snowy regions and you need studless tires because cars in Tokyo generally do not have studless tires even in winter. If they say they don't have it, it's better not to rent a car there and rent a car in a place where they already have studless tires on a car.

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