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Anonymous asked in EnvironmentOther - Environment · 7 months ago

How to know if this guy is really into me or just being friendly with me?

So there's this guy he stares at me, comes around me, always nice to me, don't want people being mean to me, tell me hey with a big smile on his face or he asks how my day is going, and even asks me if I'm ok cause Im going through alot that he knows about. But idk whether he's just being nice or is into me people at work always find ways to bring him up to me and one lady even told me she saw him flirting with me but idk most he's done is everything above and just standing next to me touching my arm with his. But as of lately he's been a little standoffish and when I see him looking at me he looks away real fast. I feel he doesn't that he's just friendly but thought I'd ask cause it's confusing and I can't see why people keep bringing him up to me

2 Answers

  • 5 months ago

    Yip he is crushing on you

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  • 7 months ago

    There's a possibility that he does, indeed, like you. Even though I'm a girl I have a little story: When I was younger (elementary and middle school) I would sometimes develop a crush on someone. I'd defend them in arguments, try and make them happy, but I always got really embarrassed when they'd look at me and I'd quickly look away. As for people mentioning it, word gets around. I'd tell friends and they'd tell their friends and soon enough people would tell the guy 'hey, did you know ______ likes you?" or "______ totally has a crush on you."

    Unfortunately it's rather hard to tell when someone likes you 'like that' but if you can, try and interact with him more and maybe you'll be able to ask him what's up.

    I really hope things work out for you ^v^

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