what's causing horrible heart palpitations?

I had palpitations here and there, my heart would speed up in stressful situations or after doing some physical activities but nothing weird,

lately I had really bad chest pain which my doctor is said was indigestion and stress, it didn't seem to be a heart problem because I felt it on the right side and my back,it went away but I got horrible palpitations,yesterday it was so bad I was thinking about going to a hospital but I had an ekg appointment the next morning so I took a medication my doctor gave me (concor) I went to sleep and it was ok,so I went to have to ekg, and apparently I have spasms? It feels like my hearts adding a beat,or skipping,it's very distracting and I had it all day almost, It feels different then just a racing heart,it's not even very fast and my blood pressure is okay,I am so worried, the doctor said to get my thyroid tested,come back and then maybe I'll have to see a cardiologist..so I guess thyroid causes heart palpitations? maybe. I am 18,no family history of heart problems,I'm about 8 pounds over weight,my diet isn't the best but it's not fast food everyday. I have an anxiety disorder, and right now I'm not on any meds but I'm getting new ones for my anxiety soon. someone said this is just stress,my mom says it's the thyroid thing or something hormonal,I'm really scared..I don't wanna die this young of a heart disease and I'm scared the doctors aren't taking me seriously.

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  • 6 months ago

    I recommend you go to youtube and search for videos by Dr Berg. I have seen several that mention heart palpitations/irregularities caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Things your family doctor may not think of. I have trouble with irregular heartbeats once in awhile and I take an electrolyte powder that is high potassium (from Dr Berg, actually) that fixes it fast.

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