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Why aren't there Traditional Caucasian Colleges or a Caucasian exclusive networks/award shows.?

There would be riots is such thing existed yet 'traditional black colleges' and BET is perfectly fine. Racial hypocrisy at it's finest.


Professor you are a fckin racist.

Update 2:

That's great..It's 2019 though.

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    The Federal Government established higher education locales under something called "land grant" colleges. Some were further designated to educate black people. Many of those colleges are now known as HBCs - some of which are predominantly black, others not so much. Many state university systems grew out of that program.

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    Until Brown v. Board of Education and resulting desegregation orders, most public colleges and universities in the South prohibited all African Americans from attending. Other parts of the country had quotas to limit admissions of Blacks.

    But states were allowed to prohibit Blacks from enrolling in state colleges and universities -only- if they provided alternative colleges for them (the Second Morrill Act of 1890). Hence the creation of public colleges dedicated to educating Blacks (some private colleges also existed).

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    There is. It's called by different names but most people know it as "the establishment", "mainstream", "the established norm", "America is majority white and is ruled by whites", etc.

    Specifically you have places like Harvard and Princeton and then there are the Oscars and the Emmys. Pretty much every day is white appreciation day here in America.

    What's the matter? Feeling like you dont get the respect you deserve? Gee, I wonder why that is.

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    Because since their beginnings most other colleges and entertainment were almost exclusively caucasian.

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    But its only racist when WHITES do it...didn't you know this? We are all WHITE SUPREMACISTS!!! The liberal socialist progressive LEFTISTS say its it must be true.

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