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When should I tell my mom that I’m engaged?

My mom never met my girlfriend, but knows all about her. I plan to propose in the next week. My girlfriend already knows it will happen soon and even picked the ring out. Should I tell my mom right after it happens or should I wait until Labor Day when I plan to visit my mom and introduce my girlfriend to her?

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    I suggest you privately tell your mum what you plan to do beforehand. Your g/f knows so you aren't treading on her toes. Springing a new girl on your mother all of a sudden and then, before she can even get to know her you tell her that this is her future daughter in law is a rather horrible way to treat your mother. Give the poor woman a bit of warning first so that when she greets your girlfriend she will know that this girl is significant and not just 'my son's present girlfriend'.

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    10 months ago

    I understand that you want to marry this wonderful girl, but really there's no hurry at all, let your family and extended family come to know her. Let your family and your girlfriend become friends. Then by next year, get engaged and start with the wedding plans.

    It would be much easier this way, and it won't be such a shock to everyone. And not only that, her friends would end up her in laws. I would try and work with a plan like that.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    If strangers have to give you advice on how to manage your life I suspect you are far too young and immature to marry.

    I wouldn't tell anyone, because the engagement is not going to last.

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  • Foofa
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    10 months ago

    Probably best to tell Mom without gf there just in case her reaction isn't positive. Just knowing your child has a SO if very different from knowing they're planning to marry. Depending on your age and life circumstances your mother may not be thrilled about this and you don't want her to have to react in front of your partner.

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