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What do people do after receiving their GCSEs?

It’s cant be just A Levels?

I failed all of my GCSEs at 16 and went through a resit year and passed through there.

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    A-levels are the gold star option. A tranche of A-levels including what used to be referred to as facilitating subjects gives you the greatest range of options for future study or work. The alternative is a level 3 vocational qualification, such as BTEC National Diploma or Extended National Diploma. These can be done full time in school or college, or as an apprenticeship alongside a work placement. The disadvantage of this route is that it is less well liked by universities and that it generally funnels you in much more specific direction. The potential advantage fir some is that it's coursework based which can allow some students to achieve at a level that they wouldn't with exam focused study. It is also possible to study a mix of vocational qualifications and A-levels. Some schools or colleges will offer this as an option for particular subject combinations. Some students add an A-level via distance learning in their own time, while studying a vocational qualification at college.

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    A levels. Then Uni.

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