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Why are people at Political odds fighting each other about differing beliefs, but stand by our rights to believe what we want?

This question has baffled me so much.

Why do people at political odds (conservative/liberal, democrat/republican) insult and belittle each other for believing different things, but are still proud of our rights to believe what we want?.

We take pride in our societal values of freedom to believe what we want and freedom to speak our minds and share said beliefs, but at the first chance, we also take the first opportunity to dehumanize the people that think differently than us. I use politics as an example.

I myself am not so deep into politics, but I see all these other people that are just tearing each other to pieces because they don't believe the same things. Through this insulting and anger against our fellow man, we encourage them to be quiet about their differing opinions and join what we believe to be right. But how does that make us any better than the countries we are at odds with that don't allow their citizens to speak their minds and make them follow what the government believes is right? How do we justify this kind of behavior?

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  • 12 months ago

    They're really not fighting each other. The radical communists are attacking everyone that isn't a radical communist. You may think that a lot of people are "right wing" but really, they're just people who disagree with communism.

  • 12 months ago

    Until quite recently , Republicans and Democrats could largely agree to disagree ,and did so quite comfortably .That is in fact ,the bedrock of a democracy .

    During the last generation or so ,however , society has dumbed down -- it has reverted into the more primitive "us and them"-- such that both the right and the left ,now think that any view other than their own ,is not only wrong , but based on ignorance or malice .

    So many people today think that any opposing views to their own , can rightfully be over ridden , if not silenced -- and that attitude has now reached the top levels of our government.

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