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Should I give him a shot?

This guys been crushing on me for over a year almost two. Some of my friends like him and think he’s sweet and others think he’s weird.

My cousin thinks he’s a good guy. He’s a year younger than me, I’ve been through two failed relationships. I’m thinking of going out with him for dinner and seeing where it goes.

He does seem like a nice guy quirky and he’s very persistent.

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    12 months ago
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    Your talking about other people opinons of him. Think about what you want. Do you want to give him a shot? If yes then go for it but I wouldn't listen to anyone else but you. Good luck

  • Alan H
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    12 months ago

    What have you to lose? Go for it

    Other people have nothing to do with it.

  • Yes otherwise he might turn out to be like me

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