I have a question for white people who like to go to uncivilized places?

I live in a 3rd world country where there are people who still live in the middle of nowhere without internet and TV. Even for our standard, these people are considered as "primitive" since we have wifi and starbucks in our cities.

and then, some white people come to our country and then visited them and like being around them. On the other hand, we are kinda afraid of them because when they got mad, those primitives will get their knife and kill you without any question. And plus, they are "difficult" to talk with.

So my question Why do white people like to be around these primitives? Are they bored?


PS if you think they are like that because of the government, then you dont understand. These primitives refuse to go to school and have a "modern world" job (at factories, construction, farming).

Update 2:

@H: you dont understand what I'm talking about. Not tourist and no tour guide. These white men go to jungles without any guide and they search the primitive people and no dancing.... like you said.

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  • H
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    6 months ago

    It's not a matter of skin color, it's a matter of tourism. Tourists like to see some "exotic", something they don't see at home. In the situation you describe, experienced tour guides should be with the tourists and brief them about what is acceptable and what not. These so called "primitives" put theirselves on display for tourists and get their share out of it.

    I live at a hot tourist spot myself. When our men e.g. perform traditional dances for tourists, it's not the same as it would be when doing it without being watched by tourists.

    Btw: Starbuck sucks. It's way overpriced.

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