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What did people do centuries ago?

Before internet, tv, radio....what was there to do?

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  • Sit around the camp fire, sang , told stories handed down verbally, cooked, through these activities language , music, invention of fire etc was discovered

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    They worked hard from dawn to dusk. They ate terrible food. They lived under persecution or very strict religious rules and for the most part they died young, luck to live to be 50. With all our problems today, the present is a great time to be alive.

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    -Played instruments, sang...

    Internet and play consoles

    -played sports, rode bikes, chess, cards, word games, any social games...


    -read magazines/newspapers, went to the theater...

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    sex and slaves and sex ..

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    Though not technology-driven, so many innovations developed

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    They had ACTUAL VERBAL COMMUNICATION Talked and Played many games OUTSIDE IN THE FRESH AIR and was much much more healthy because of it.

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    House chores,outside activities, socializing without phones

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    Made baby...............

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    Work all day seven days a week to survive. Leisure time wasn't something the middle and lower classes had until the dawning of the Industrial Age. Once there was, the masses read books, listened to music, organized sporting events began to develop. Fishing and hunting for fun and relaxation over food. Bicycles were invented. Indoors, people played board games, a majority of homes had a piano and a parlor rather than a living room. Families would sing around the piano, people would host parties or attend parties.

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    Worked from sunup to sundown and then slept.

    Oddly enough, they did not need "service animals

    to cope.

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      Well, they did, actually. Since most people were farmers, they needed dogs for sheepherding and security, and they needed cats to kill crop-destroying pests like rabbits, mice and rats.

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